Kolbe Farms

InTown Homes are one of Houston’s premier builders of luxurious and elegant homes. Kolbe Farms are unique in design with distinct features that leave a small carbon footprint on the environment.

Since 1980, InTown Homes has established itself apart through innovative technologies applied to build luxurious and environmentally safe, cost-saving ” Smart green technology” homes. InTown Homes are one of Texas’ premier home developers.

Service Breakdown

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Geological Studies
  • Geotechnical Testing
  • Soil Subgrade Stabilization
  • Site Development Requirements
  • Foundation Recommendations
  • Slope Stability Calculations and Assessments
  • Pavement Design Options
  • Construction Monitoring

Construction Materials Engineering and Testing

  • Material Evaluation
  • Materials Engineering
  • Soil Placement Testing
  • Aggregates Gradations
  • Concrete Mix Review & Design
  • Concrete Field Tests on Plastic Concrete
  • Concrete Laboratory Tests on Cured Specimens
  • QC / QA Oversight
  • Project Specifications Reviews