We are excited to announce the launch of the newly designed and optimized Geoscience Engineering and Testing website!

The site has been completely redesigned to better service our clients. This new website offers a user-friendly browsing experience for our valued customers and provides easy to access links to critical information.

One of the biggest advantages of our new website is the ability to browse through some of our biggest projects to date and be able to learn about the services provided to each one. In addition, our website provides a markets page where you can learn more about the various markets we serve including Manufacturing, Retail, Residential, Healthcare, and more!

You also get a glimpse of our team and the causes we hold dear to our hearts. Our community page showcases the different local charities that our team actively supports and is involved with.

We are very proud of our new site and we are sure that you will find all the information that you need! Please feel free to send us your feedback about your experience with the new website!